Monthly Archive: October 2011

Oct 21 is live

As you may have noticed in Lars’s blog the new Qt Project website and organisation is live! Yeah! It’s the product of many people’s work over the course of a year and a half, changing the way how over 200 engineers work on their daily lives. The change is just in time for the Qt …

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Oct 18

QUrl in Qt 5: woes of hostname validity

A couple of days ago I posted on Google+ a comment when I was frustrated trying to update the QUrl hostname-parsing code. Turns out that rewriting the parser wasn’t that difficult for QUrl, but dealing with hostnames is very much so. The old code in QUrl simply deals with it directly, even what’s supposed to …

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Oct 12

QUrl in Qt 5: validity

QUrl in Qt 4 tried to follow the ABNF grammar for URIs quite strictly, but it had a tolerant mode parser and, in the end, almost everything was accepted anyway. Looking into WebKit’s test, turns out that there are a lot more cases which QUrl failed to understand. In Qt 5, I’ll rewrite the parser to hopefully be even faster and accept some of those new cases, without sacrificing the conformance in compliant URIs.

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Oct 10

Making a Qt Developer Days presentation

First of all, my apologies for not continuing the blog onQUrl yet. For a couple of reasons, I have not been able to continue the work there yet. I will get to it soon. One of those reasons is the subject of this blog: my Qt Developer Days presentation. This year, the organisers decided to …

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