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May 18

I’m going to Akademy and the Qt Contributor Summit

Just a quick post so I can say I’m going to both events: Akademy 2012 and the Qt Contributors Summit 2012. I hope to see many of you there, and we have a lot to discuss and work on.

Jan 19

Update and benchmark on the dynamic library proposals

My last blog on the dynamic libraries on Linux attracted over 15000 visits, which was quite unexpected (it’s 15x more than the usual traffic). It got linked from reddit and ycombinator and comments there and in the previous post have raised some interesting questions I’ll try to answer. LD_PRELOAD First, a quck background: LD_PRELOAD and …

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Jan 16

Sorry state of dynamic libraries on Linux

Last week, we identified a bug in Qt with Olivier‘s new signal-slot syntax. Upon further investigation, it turns out it’s not a Qt issue, but an ABI one. Which prompted me to investigate more and decide that dynamic libraries need a big overhaul on Linux. tl;dr (a.k.a. Executive Summary) Shared libraries on Linux are linked …

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Jan 13

Qt temperatures drop from January to June

I’ve previously talked about how the Qt 5 Winter is coming. Since we started talking about that, people have begun asking what are the date limits for each thing, when the API would freeze, when Qt 5.0 would be stable, when we’d release, etc. This blog tries to answer that a little. Last month, we …

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Oct 21 is live

As you may have noticed in Lars’s blog the new Qt Project website and organisation is live! Yeah! It’s the product of many people’s work over the course of a year and a half, changing the way how over 200 engineers work on their daily lives. The change is just in time for the Qt …

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Sep 20

C++11 support in Qt 5

Marc Mutz posted today a blog calling for immediate support of C++11 in C++-based projects. He also linked to Herb Sutter’s blog saying the standard was unanimously approved in the ISO voting. In his blog, Marc calls for Qt 5 and KDE 5 to require C++11 in the compilers. I agree with the principle and …

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Sep 12

New domain for Qt announced:

Lars has just announced on his blog that the Qt Open Source Project, under the Open Governance, will be moved to a new domain: (don’t bother copy/pasting, there’s nothing there yet). At the official Nokia Qt Blog, Daniel Kihlberg gives us the date for the launch: October 17th. The moving to a new domain …

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Jul 29

Going to the Desktop Summit

Today, I reserved my flights and my hotel to go to Berlin. I’m not presenting anything, but I will be there representing my new employer, discussing KDE 5 and Qt 5, catching up with old friends. Mandatory link: See you there.

Jul 27

KDE Community releases 4.7

Kinda weird to blog on Planet KDE about a KDE release, especially when it’s also announced on the Dot, but I’d like to take the opportunity to congratulate everyone who worked on it! See the full announcement. Mandatory screenshot leeched off the announcement: I am, of course, running something close to the 4.7 release. I …

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Jul 21

Qt 4.8 beta 1 released

I’ve just realised that neither Eckhart’s post nor the QtWebKit post were aggregated on either Planet KDE nor Planet MeeGo. Quoting: It has been some weeks since we released the Qt 4.8 Technology Preview to the community. The release raised a lot of interest and we have received many comments in response to the Qt …

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