Aug 13

We have C++11

And who says Google Plus isn’t a source of news? I’ve just seen two posts linking to Herb Sutter’s blog, entitled:


So that’s it, ladies and gents. The standard that we’d been calling “C++0x” for some time now has been fully approved, unanimously no less. It now deserves to be called “C++11″, as the tag I’ve been using on this blog. I’ll also use that wording in new blogs I write on the subject. Hopefully soon GCC will also have the -std=c++11 option, replacing the current one.

Or, as someone has suggested in Herb’s blog, we could call it “C++0xB” and claim we were never wrong :-)


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    Lol for C++0xB!

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    The User

    I think everybody has noticed it, thus no need to promote some new Google stuff. :D

    C++0xB sounds much more familiar than C++11, C++11 sounds old, unlike the “new 0-x-thing”. :D

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    João Abecasis

    They say it ain’t over until the fat lady sings. In this case, while the standard has been approved the replacement for ‘x’ only materializes once it is actually published by ISO. It could still become C++12 ;-)

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