Jul 21

Qt 4.8 beta 1 released

I’ve just realised that neither Eckhart’s post nor the QtWebKit post were aggregated on either Planet KDE nor Planet MeeGo.


It has been some weeks since we released the Qt 4.8 Technology Preview to the community. The release raised a lot of interest and we have received many comments in response to the Qt 4.8 TP blog.

Today we release the Qt 4.8 Beta. It should be noted it is not yet a final release candidate but it helps us make the quality of the final release even better. It will be available as an online Qt SDK 1.1 update only.

The Qt 4.8 beta1 package contains QtWebKit 2.2 beta1. It also contains the new port QPA (from the project Lighthouse), which brings us partial Wayland support too.

For the impatient, here are the download links:

PS: the Git tag is called just “v4.8.0-beta”, missing the number 1.


  1. avatar
    Giorgos Tsiapaliwkas


    is there available a changelog?

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    Thiago Macieira

    Only the Git log.

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