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Jul 25

Table-driven development, meet C++0x

Last week, I blogged about table-driven development without creating relocations in memory. One of the comments I received indicated that the code was hard to read — I concurred, of course, as it is generated code. Then Olivier looked at it and decided to have a go at making it entirely generated by the compiler, …

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Jul 20

Table-driven methods with no relocations

The other day, someone in the qt-interest mailing list posted the link to an article entitled: How to make fewer errors at the stage of code writing, the third part in a series of articles about writing better code. In this particular article, the author ran a static code-checker tool on the Qt source code …

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Jul 17

QString improved

On my birthday, I blogged about how I’d like QString to support proper UTF-8 strings and be much easier to use. The code that I said would be my preferred would be: QString s = u"Résumé"q; Recently, in Qt 5.0 we have begun to make steps to reach that. Most of the work was done …

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