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Apr 03

Qt 5 alpha released

Lars writes to let us know that the first (and hopefully only) Qt 5 alpha has been released! It’s the first in the major release series in 7 years, the first major release of the Qt Project (though not the first release in of the project, since we released 4.8.1 just a few weeks ago). …

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Jan 13

Qt temperatures drop from January to June

I’ve previously talked about how the Qt 5 Winter is coming. Since we started talking about that, people have begun asking what are the date limits for each thing, when the API would freeze, when Qt 5.0 would be stable, when we’d release, etc. This blog tries to answer that a little. Last month, we …

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Dec 15

Qt 4.8 released

Sinan is writing on the Qt Labs blog that Qt 4.8.0 is released. I won’t duplicate the entire contents of his post, so I’ll just give you the information you’re looking for: the download link. You can download it from the Download Page: Qt for Windows (binaries): MinGW, VS 2008, or VS 2010 Qt for …

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Jul 27

KDE Community releases 4.7

Kinda weird to blog on Planet KDE about a KDE release, especially when it’s also announced on the Dot, but I’d like to take the opportunity to congratulate everyone who worked on it! See the full announcement. Mandatory screenshot leeched off the announcement: I am, of course, running something close to the 4.7 release. I …

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Jul 21

Qt 4.8 beta 1 released

I’ve just realised that neither Eckhart’s post nor the QtWebKit post were aggregated on either Planet KDE nor Planet MeeGo. Quoting: It has been some weeks since we released the Qt 4.8 Technology Preview to the community. The release raised a lot of interest and we have received many comments in response to the Qt …

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